Thursday, August 27, 2015


The nature of my work as a part-time blogger and as a business person entail work extended up to the weekends. Even Sundays! To keep me sane, I make it a point that even for a short period of time, I need to experience non work-related activities. Like my usual weekend escapades with my older brother. The Gourmand Market was another opportunity that I'd regret to miss. I originally planned on going on the second day but since it was my "usual" work weekend, we managed to go on the last day.
The Gourmand Market was held last May 22 - 24, 2015 at Bonifacio High Street, Central Square.
The Gourmand Market, aside from being a weekend shortstop for foodies, was like a page straight out of an Instagram rockstar's feed! I mean, take a look at these...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Me and my older brother were way past our gaming phase (or is he?). He was the one who introduced me to that online bait of a game Ragnarok which I took, hook line and sinker. It was how we bonded then. At the sewers of Prontera Culvert. Hunting for the Golden Thief Bug card. With him, playing the awesome assassin, and me, the wimpy Priest. I got played! And well, too.

Fast forward to five years later, my brother introduced me to the art of drinking beer with food (those years in between were spent drinking beer just for the sake of drinking beer, without art). It was also his way of us two reconnecting with our dad whom we lost when I was just five. Our dad was a healthy beer-drinker, by the way. He preferred the San Miguel Beer brand, of course.

Drinking beer became like a regular tribute of some sort to our dad that's why as much as possible, me and my brother go out on weekends to drink, outside the comfort of our home. It's also our way of bonding as mature people. Our dad would've been proud.
ecw 010

We're over frequenting bars and any nighttime setups to drink beer, by the way. These days, we prefer somewhere with enough natural lighting (I like to take good photos, too), chill setup, and good food to enjoy with our beer. Apart from ourselves, we also like good company. Not that we need to chat with those people but it's nice to be under the same mini-atmosphere of individuals who prefer the same things as you do. The Esquire Weekend Cookout which was held last April 18 at the Power Plant Mall was exactly what we were looking for.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Okay, before anything else, this is not a personal post about what it's like to be living in my shoes. I don't do sappy stuff.
This is just simply my way of promoting a contest which is being hosted by my friends from Bucketfeet.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


If you want to gauge a person's stability in life, take him to Recession Coffee.

That way, you will know if he's husband material (if he pays above Php200) or if there will be no second date (What? Php50 for a good cup of coffee?).

Recession's Pay-What-You-Want concept challenges coffee aficionados to show their love for coffee by giving them the freedom to pay as much as they want for a cup.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


I usually don't talk much about what I wear on a Lookbook entry here on the blog. It's just not my style. If I did, then I'm doubting two things. First, my sense of style what looks good on me. Second, my photographer's eye. I don't wanna insult myself and the latter, so I'll just shut up and let the photos do the talking.

I'm at a stage where I'm over seeking attention with my style choices. With years of hits and misses, I already know what I want and what looks good on me and I'm confident about it. That's what Axe Black's latest campaign, "Less Effort, More Style", is all about. AXE Black, with its light and refined notes, caters to the understated guy, one who is confident in himself and does not need to demand attention.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Launched this past February with an epic New York Fashion Week presentation, YEEZY Season 1 by Kanye West and adidas Originals ignited a global sensation with an unprecedented public live-stream and the subsequent release of the YEEZY BOOST,

and following the unprecedented global anticipation of the YEEZY BOOST 350 released in a white colorway this past June 27, 2015,

Kanye West and adidas Originals now announce the forthcoming global drop of an all black version on August 22, 2015.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


What I initially thought was somebody's idea of a meme joke was actually a conscious effort to raise awareness about hika otherwise known as asthma. It was ironic that the person who had the funny intention in showing me this poster suffers asthma himself. He works for me.
Photo Source
Admit it. You smiled when you got the joke. But the truth is, asthma is not a laughing matter. I was able to witness my employee suffering an asthma attack and believe me, there's nothing funny about it.

Did you know that in the Philippines alone, around 10 million people have this disease?

"With medication, better knowledge about the disease, and improved indoor air quality, no child should have to stay home from school or get excluded from the community," says Henrik Sundström, Vice President, Group Sustainability at Electrolux. "With this initiative, we want to inspire people to take a stand and help create safe and healthy environments that don't exclude children with asthma. Reducing asthma triggers is easy and we can all help."

To reach school staff members, sports coaches, librarians, politicians and other policy makers, Electrolux will send out 10,000 straws with some easy-to-follow steps for those who want to create an asthma-friendly environment. Electrolux invites the general public to decide who should get a straw by nominating their names at "By asking decision makers to breather to a straw, we want to remind them about their responsibility to create asthma-friendly environments. Every child should have the space to breathe," Sundström continues.

Why send a straw?

"Electrolux is dedicated to creating a clean and safe home environment for children and families," says Andrea Pionilla, Marketing Manager of Electrolux Philippines. "We are committed to improving the indoor air quality of homes through our highly efficient vacuum cleaners and air conditioners. Cleaning is important, but this campaign presents a wide range of actions that anyone can take in order to reduce asthma triggers at home and in public environments."

Send a straw to someone in your community. Visit to learn more.